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Calling out all the Hello Kitty fans out there. How adorable is this cake. All the decorations are hand made and edible. You can pick and choose colours to fit your party.   

Which fashion lover wouldn’t want these cupcakes and cake. Trendy, stylish and don’t forget Delish. We can also make cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries with the Chanel logo. That would make the most perfect dessert table.   

Cupcake towers aren’t only for weddings, they are perfect for anniversary parties to. Excuse to eat more cake🙂 classic rose piped cutting cake with purple frosted cupcakes. Love how the cupcakes pop because of the bright colour.  Topper was provided by the couple.   

These cupcakes are the perfect addition to any baby shower. Fondant baby can be dressed in any colour you like. Two tone light blue and white rose piped cupcakes, always a favourite.   

Bubble guppy cupcakes 

These are perfect for any bubble guppy fans. These were Oreo stuffed cupcakes with yummy vanilla buttercream frosting. The characters are made out of fondant and edible. 

This is one cartoon I don’t mind watching with my kids. It’s not annoying and actually cute to watch.   

Gender reveal cupcakes


The perfect way to do a gender reveal, with something sweet and yummy. Once you bite into the cupcake the centre will either have a blue or pink filling.

These adorable cupcakes are perfect for a baby shower. Cute edible bee toppers. A special cupcake for the mother to be, precious baby in a bee outfit.


Cat cupcakes

Cat themed cupcakes perfect for any cat lover. Edible handmade fondant toppers.


Ballerina cupcake bouquet

Made this as a surprise for a birthday party. Customer used to be a ballet dancer. Perfect personal touch.

Medium bouquet $45
Ballerina topper $10


Jen Tyler-0211

Jen Tyler-0324This cupcake tower is perfect for any couple having a beach wedding. The cutting cake has a nice bright colour so the white sea shells pop nicely. A big thank you to the couple for letting me create this for their special day. They were so sweet and nice to talk with.

The couple sent me a Thank you note which just touched my heart, and is one of the BIG reasons I love doing this.

“Thank you so much for your delicious and beautiful cake & cupcakes for our wedding! It added to our perfect day🙂 I will definitely be in touch for future celebrations. Thanks again.”